Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Catherine McAuley Catholic Primary School is a faith community that is inspired by the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. It respects the dignity of each member of the community and is committed to a quality Catholic education that develops students to their full potential.

Mission Statement

Inspired by Catherine McAuley’s example, our school works in partnership with parents and Parish to nurture, proclaim and celebrate our Catholic faith and to meet the challenges and needs of our community.
The school works to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students so that they achieve and make a positive contribution to our society.

We are therefore committed to:


A Catholic school community that:

  • exists to carry out its mission as an instrument of the Catholic Church
  • is enlivened by the charism of Catherine McAuley and enriched by Gospel Values
  • is committed to inclusive practices
  • respects the dignity of each person and nurtures self esteem.
  • witnesses to, values and proclaims our Catholic beliefs and traditions.
  • develops loving relationships with God, self and others
  • fosters our faith with an understanding of its relevance to life and contemporary culture
  • is welcoming and encourages the involvement of parents as the first educators of their children
  • is actively involved in the life of the Parish of St Mary and St Joseph.


A Catholic school community that:

  • provides a quality Catholic education which fosters the spiritual academic, social, emotional and physical development of all students
  • implements a curriculum that is characterised by its breadth and depth
  • creates an environment that is safe and conducive to learning
  • is committed to quality and dynamic teaching and learning practices.


A Catholic school community that:

  • promotes quality and effective leadership
  • develops harmonious and professional relationships
  • engages in effective planning for short and long term goals
  • manages resources responsibly and effectively
  • demonstrates outreach and participates in the activities of the wider community
  • respects God’s creation and is committed to ecological education and practices.